About Cultural Motion

Cultural Motion was founded by Linn Borghuis in 2010. In 2008, Linn earned a Master's degree in Museology from the Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam specializing in digitalisation projects, conservation issues and international projects.


Cultural Motion originated from the idea that more cooperation between different fields is needed to give the cultural sector a wider, more stable foundation for the long term. We see culture as something which cannot just be found in specialized organisations or buildings but can literally be found 'in the street'.

Knowledge sharing, cooperation and innovation are the principles at the basis of Cultural Motion's philosophy. We want to contribute to the durable design of the heritage sector so that it can be reinforced and conserved regardless of changes in the political and financial climate and the ongoing digitalisation of society.

By entering into alliances with parties outside of the cultural sector such as governments, commercial, public and private organisations, Cultural Motion wants to forge bonds that create a larger, more solid base of public support for the cultural sector. In this way, we want to bring about that different sectors can profit from each other's knowledge and expertise so that the importance of arts and culture will be recognised and protected by all layers of society.