Communication Murder investigation William of Orange

Term: January 2012 - June 2012

Cultural Motion was commissioned by Delft Regional Heritage to do the communication and PR concerning the murder investigation of William of Orange and the exhibition Cold Case: William of Orange. The forensic research office Delft Tech and Museum Het Prinsenhof have spent four years meticulously reconstructing the historical murder.

Advanced forensic methods, such as 3D laser scan technology, reconstruction shots and finding trace evidence at the crime scene, were combined with research into architectural and historical sources. Together, these methods have provided answers to the questions about the first political murder in history to be committed with a handgun.

The exhibition Cold Case: William of Orange, showed the results of the recent investigation into the murder of Wiliam of Orange. The exhibition presented a clear comparison between the traditional view of the murder and the recent reconstruction. Besides focusing on new conclusions, the modern techniques that were used in this investigation were shown and explained in the exhibition.