Term: January 2013 - present

Xyz program developed by is a digital platform where expats and residents of the metropolis The Hague-Rotterdam can meet each other. It facilitates a pleasant climate for expats and stimulates interaction between the two groups. It also creates an outline for possible improvements to the culturally diverse living conditions in the metropolis.

The basis for the xyz platform is the kaleidoscope of shared "world knowledge" that expats and the citizens of the metropolis possess. It's a digital sanctuary for activities, events, information, stories and the people concerned; all of us. Culture for all, without barriers. Cultural Exchange in broad perspective for a more positive society for everyone.


The purpose of xyz is to stimulate the creation of ideal conditions for settling in metropolis The Hague-Rotterdam.


The xyz program will join together existing private and public initiatives (the Hague Bridge program, International Centre, Expat Desk) for expats in the metropolis.

The digital platform is the place where existing and new initiatives come together. offers the possibility to consolidate and extend the results of these and other initiatives. On the platform, Dutch citizens and expats come into contact with each other and exchange information and stories. It is a place where people from different (cultural) backgrounds share their past, present and future. The platform focuses on cultural and social issues, through which the differences and similarities between the members are uncovered. People will be offered a mirror, which can excite, enrich, reduce social barriers and cause them to reexamine their prejudices. During the program will organise activities and interviews to gather survey data concerning people's well-being, social climate and society. An analysis of this research will result in a thought-provoking publication in which stories and experiences from the platform will also be included. The publication will present a clear vision on how the metropolis can be made as attractive as possible for expats. The program will thus contribute to the economic climate for expats in the metropolis and will bring old and new residents together.


Through interaction on the digital platform and the organised activities, the program contributes to improving settling conditions for expats by bringing expats and Dutch citizens together. Through the publication, it will also give policy makers an insight into what is needed to improve the culturally diverse climate.

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