Project manager Lustrum Symposium Heritage & IT – Nieuwe Meesters Delft

From September 2013 to February 2014

As project manager, Cultural Motion was responsible for organising the Lustrum Symposium Heritage & IT Delft. The event, which brought the three separate worlds of heritage, research and IT together, took place on 24 January 2014. The focus of the symposium was on finding ways for these three disciplines to cooperate.

Technology and History

The mix between technology and history makes this symposium unique. Both history and technology are inextricably linked with the city of Delft. Visitors realize they will see a historic city. The city is world famous for its Delftware, the Vermeer Centre and the important role it plays in the history of the Dutch Royal Family. Delft’s significance, however, is not just historical. It is also a city of technology and innovation. Its many creative businesses, IT companies, heritage organisations and research centres, such as Delft University or TNO, all join forces to find innovative solutions for social and cultural issues.

Inspire and stimulate

To inspire heritage organisations, knowledge centres and IT companies, we demonstrated several innovative products at the symposium that have been developed for Delft Heritage over the past five years. In addition, we have looked ahead at new developments that may benefit the heritage sector.