Project support realisation initiative report Marron exhibition French Guiana

Term: March 2012 - July 2012

Cultural Motion has taken on the project support for the realisation of the initiative report for the Marron exhibition Choosing freedom and creativity.

The focus of this exhibition is on using textile collections to tell the story of the Marron culture of French Guiana and Surinam. The textile collections tell the story of how both the lives and customs of the Marrons are subject to change, but also show that there is a certain degree of continuity. This is illustrated by the fact that the culture has been partially lost, but that some parts of Marron culture have found a new use in a different way.

The aim of this exhibition is to introduce visitors to Marron textile and to acquaint them with the different kinds of textiles and their development.


  • to preserve and document the Marrons' history and culture;
  • to bring Marron culture to life for visitors and, in this way, pass on the culture and history of the Marrons;
  • to showcase the beauty of these textile expressions of culture and to do justice to the pride that speaks from them.


credits photo: Thomas Polime